GAO Finds Identity Theft Services Limited in Fraud Prevention.

Following the 2015 OPM data breaches, GAO found that identity theft services offer certain benefits but are also limited in what they can prevent.

Fourth Circuit Weighs In On What Constitutes “Injury-in-Fact” in Data Breach Cases

Court found that allegations of future harm were too speculative, particularly where there was no allegation or evidence that the confidential information was targeted or had been used fraudulently.

Getting prepared for mandatory data breach reporting

We take a look at the impending mandatory data breach laws and what you need to do to meet them.

The Case for Windows 10

Making the move to Windows 10 seems to be a very complicated decision for businesses. We all know in the past Windows has had its flaws. Many businesses have avoided upgrading their system or they have completely abandoned Windows and moved to Apple devices.

What is Ransomware???

How many users know what ransomware is and how will this affect you?