Making the move to Windows 10 seems to be a very complicated decision for businesses. We all know in the past Windows has had its flaws. Many businesses have avoided upgrading their system or they have completely abandoned Windows and moved to Apple devices.

Windows 10 has taken a its share of attacks, but is Windows 10 worthy of the flack it receives? To answer that let’s take a deep look at the system.

The Start Menu is back

windows 10 start menu

The start menu has been a useful tool but Windows 8 took that away from us. Windows 10 brought back the most used tool within the complete operating system. Why did they take it away in the first place? They removed the start menu to make the system more user friendly to tablets and touchscreen computing systems. With Windows 10 they managed to keep touch technology and incorporate the beloved start menu.

Virtual Desktops

 windows 10 virtual desktop

Many businesses are have upgraded their computer systems but have not taken advantage of the full capabilities of it. Windows 10 provides the capability to allow users to use multiple virtual desktops. This is a feature many businesses could use to eliminate the clutter of the task bar having so many applications open. When it comes to Virtual Desktops and Task View, longtime Windows users will note that the Alt + Tab shortcut isn’t new, and that it maintains the same basic functionality it possessed in earlier versions of Windows: switch between open applications and windows. What’s new is that this selection now takes place in the Task View, which gives users an overview of all running apps and desktops.

Complete System Security

windows 10 security

One of the most interesting reasons businesses are moving to Windows 10 is because of the security. Microsoft has included security into the building of their operating systems. In the past security was an issue but not anymore. The increase of frequent cyberattacks has businesses worried about providing great customer service with technology and not being compromised. Windows 10 address many of the concerns with major security improvements that a good for businesses and home users. The security posture of Windows 10 is far above its previous versions of Operating Systems. Windows 10 makes it easier to integrate security defenses into its system. Applications included with Windows 10 with security built in mind are credential guard, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and Microsoft Edge browser.

Windows 10 Tips and Shortcuts



Windows Key + Up

Snap selected window to the top of the screen.

Windows Key + Down

Snap selected window to the bottom of the screen.

Windows Key + Left

Snap selected window to the left of the screen.

Windows Key + Right

Snap selected window to the right of the screen.

Windows Key + Control + D

Create a new virtual desktop.

Windows Key + Control + Right Arrow Key

Switch to the next virtual desktop.

Windows Key + Control + Left Arrow Key

Switch to the previous virtual desktop.

Windows Key + Control + F4

Close the current virtual desktop.

Windows Key + Tab

Launch Task View.

Alt + Tab

Switch between apps and windows using Task View.


Final Thoughts

Windows 10 will be as dominant as Windows 7 but with added security. Some questions businesses will have to ask when deciding to stay with the current operating system or upgrading is:

  • Is our current operating system still under support?
  • Will our system security be vulnerable if we continue to use our current software?
  • What will be incompatible if we upgrade?
  • What are the benefits? Do they fit with our business model?
  • Is this something our current IT team can handle or will it over load them?

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